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Kickstart goals

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Reaching the membership goals below will take us to 100% of our kickstart revenue goal ($15,000).
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What do we do?

We make, source and then sell modular machine kits, making it more affordable by letting you choose which parts you want to DIY, and which to purchase. This is like buying a kit plane… everything comes down to a professional grade “ready to fly”, working machine, but leaving enough room for you do do certain parts yourself.

We think a smaller selection of more purpose designed modular components is better than a wide variety of possible components, where each have to be tweaked to fit or compromise the final design.

We’re still in the start-up phase, but let share the rest of the business model with you.

We in South Africa, and plan to branch to USA and AU. These like minded friends of us will outright own their own country branch and the only commitment to us, is to follow the same business model and part design.

Then we have our CLUB. The club members can also make parts that fit the modular design, and offer it for sale to other club members. We even plan a finance schema, to help members make their dreams come true,  but the earning from finance goes back to the members that sponsored the member.

Just like with a closed loop servo setup, we, as fellow club members will close the loop, and provide you with everything. Build, parts, training, finance and your dreams.

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We have a YouTube channel, where you may find a video covering your questions.
If you up for more reading, here is an article that explain membership, and why there is a small fee associated with membership.
There is also a more structured FAQ page. Maybe we have covered your question in there.